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     ABATE District 20.... Welcome All
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   =============================================================================================   Officers

President: Randy Hutcheson,        Vice President: Danny Wood  

Secretary: Ann Harris                   Treasurer: Melissa Ault

Sgt. at Arms: Ray Cuthbertson

State Reps: Keith Cook,   Mike Ault,   Randy Hutcheson;

Alt. Reps:   Danny Wood,   Mike Harris,   Melissa Ault;

Chaplain: Ray Cuthbertson           Newsletter Ed.: Nikki Campbell

Road Captains: Mike Harris          Web Master: Pat Freeman



November 25, 2017:  The 21st Annual Crossett Toy Run... .
Meet at Atwood's parking lot in Crossett AR, Registration is from 11:30 AM to 1 PM... There will be an escorted ride from Atwood's to the Crossett Harbor. A nice lunch (chili) provided by ABATE D-18. Door prizes will be drawn for. All proceeds and donations will be given to the Crossett Junior Auxiliary.

Dec 3:  ABATE D-20 monthly meeting Canceled for Rodney's Toy Ride?
Dec 3 is usually the Little Rock Toy Ride from Rodney's, but I have no info on that yet.

Dec 8:  Salvation Army bell ringing (See Elaine to sign up)

Dec 9:  Pine Bluff Blue Knight Toy Ride:  Information is the same as last

January 6: AFRA  As I remember; 9 AM at Oakland Heights Missionary Baptist Church, on US-270, across from Wood Shed BBQ.

January 7, 2018: ABATE D-20 monthly meeting at DRNC at 2:00 PM

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